Jinath Premaratne is a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET since 2005. Also a MCAD, Has over 9 year’s experiences in web programming. He is the leader of the Colombo .NET user group. He is working as a Senior Software Engineer / Tech lead at Teamwork Technology.

  1. Kushan Fernando says:


    I have gone through your article about ObjectDataSource. Its really Important ,though its a old post. I have a Question .

    When i enable Caching in ObjectDataSource, Is it caching data in Server or Client’s Machine.
    Jinath , Any how i need to Cache Data in Client Site. How to do that.
    Thanks In Advance . hoping to hearing from you soon.

  2. jinath says:

    opzzzz. just now i saw this… donno now it’s too late to reply .The Caching happens on the Server .
    Web Browser do the client side Caching so what we can do is use some thing liek ViewState, cookies or Hidden fields

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