What useful trick/hack could save my life if I am in danger?

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Answer by Islam Ragab:

My cousin taught me this survival technique:-

How to get water?

  • Choose a plant with large, green leaves.
  • Select a plant that receives a good amount of sun. The heat from the sun will speed the transpiration process.
  • Choose a branch that has a large number of healthy leaves; give it a shake to dislodge any insects or debris that might be on the branch.
  • Place your plastic bag over it. Tie it very tightly; you don't want any water vapor to escape during the process.
  • Make sure that part of the bag hangs lower than the point where you tied the bag to the branch. Water will run collect there.
  • You will want to have several bags up at once, since one branch doesn't provide enough water to live on.


Use the Siphon phenomena to purify water; place the unclean water at higher place, then connect them with piece of cloths. 

More water;

SOS; & . . . – – – . . .  in different ways [light].

Plantain has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; Apply on cuts or bee stings to prevent bacterial growth,

Find Food;

Squirrel trap; & [How to Cook Squirrel]

Find your way in darkness;

Make orange candle with cooking oil; [How to Make a Candle out of an Orange]

Find warm place;

Find a cave and go to the highest place inside; the warm air goes up thus the heat your body generates won't be wasted, this technique can take the temperature several degrees up and keep you alive,


rub a needle to your cloth/hair and pace it on a leaf on the water surface,


Only water venomous snakes swim with their entire body visible ; that's how you identify them.

While camping in the woods; spread some sulfur powder around or use the "Wormwood" plant to keep snakes out.

2nd Edit:-

How to Escape from a Sinking Car; the most important thing is breaking the car glass ,, women can use a ring jewel, or anything small, sharp, and strong.

Survive a plane fall;

Take the arch position to maximize friction; it will slow you down and you'll have 1-3 minutes; then pick a landing spot; you can travel horizontally 3 kilometers while falling, so you can direct your flight to more safe places;

  • Forward by pulling your arms slightly back at the shoulders (so that they are not extended forward as much) and straightening (extending) your legs.
  • Backward by extending your arms and bending your knees as though you are trying to touch the back of your head with your heels.
  • Right turns may be accomplished while staying in the arch position by twisting your upper body slightly to the right (dipping your right shoulder), and left turns are performed by dipping the left shoulder.

If you fall through ice; Find the hole!

When speed skating, momentum can make you end up far away from the original break in the ice; Remember this:

  • When the ice is covered with snow: the hole will be darker.
  • Ice without snow: the hole will be lighter.
  • Always look for the contrasting color.

How To Survive When Your Elevator Plunges; Just lay on your back with your hand under your head, ,, Never stand ,, Never jump.

Thunder storm;

Stay in the car;

If you SURE you can't make it out of the water; just dive deep as you can; the water acts as a conductor so 90% of the charge will spread on surface, that't how fish do it.

Plug out the Phone cable; DON'T call any one by the home phone, use cell phone. "this caused several deaths" [Lightning Safety – HowStuffWorks]

Policemen & soldiers;

Kill with a single bullet and cut off all the possible convulsions; the ONLY spot it the brain stem, aim;

Wear a condom while crossing the rivers; some parasites "small fishes" make it through the urethra; "Candiru parasite"


Thanks for your upvotes ^_^

What useful trick/hack could save my life if I am in danger?

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