Dealing with Biztalk

Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 in BizTalk, Microsoft

Well these days I’m into some BizTalk projects. Getting used to it after working years with ASP.NET and Web related stuff. Well BizTalk also in most occasions has to deal with TCP or TCP/IP, but it kind of interesting that you have to learn lots of concepts to what you know already. on top of it, if you need to learn BizTalk ESB toolkit things getting more interesting… sometimes you feel lost with all of the new vocabulary and concepts… any way if any of you like to get an idea of biztalk and trying start on it, yes you can got to BizTalk site and start on self-learning but I recommend first to get an understanding with connected system concepts ,  ESB  (enterprise service bus) architecture and Integration patterns. here is a good site called Enterprise Integration patterns that you can start with.

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