Tech-Ed Sri Lanka 2010

Posted: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well the Tech-Ed 2010 is over. well this was after 2006-10…
i remembered how Merill (MS Developer Evangelist at that time ) called the MVPs to a Microsoft meeting room and discussed about session breakouts, topics, how the rest of work should go and tasks of MVPs during the Tech-Ed.

i went and see what i was blogged about 2006 one . and it was this
and there were few day to day postings also.

well 2010 ?

first of all the sessions.. well apart from some , rest of the sessions were too basic . they should know here the experience developers are coming not the beginners. this was the feedback i got from most of the attendees. but hats off to Joy and prasanna who did a good job.

well i think the organizing need to be improve a lot next time. seems like know one knew what was their was visible from the way the key note went .wela tried his best to manage things. and also some of Sri Lanka MS guys thought MVPs are there for work under them and gave orders. Instead if they just asked us to do any thing in friendly manner (like Dhanusha did ) all of the MVPs would have done that happily ..

as good points any way its nice to have a Tech-Ed. all the IT guys meets together and exchange their ideas and lean new things .. also the .NET developer forum was good and got lot of good feedback. so for next time if SL MS can improve on the short comes, then the next Tech-Ed will be a better one.

any way what was nice is to work together with our MVPs (Dinesh P, Fiqri, Gogula, Joy, Chandana, Dinesh A, kavinda and Shaminda ) in the community stall. had lot of fun.. hope to do our next Tech session soon as we talked.

  1. Gogula says:

    I could say that I agree with you wholly there, Jinath. I would also like coplement Pinal Dave and Rushabh Mehta for their sessions which were excellent, and also the inspiration and advice that they gave us in nourishing the community.

    Guess that we are indeed the humble servants of Microsoft (SL?)

  2. AAA says:

    i think this is exactly why there was no “WOW” in this event. Sessions were also as mentioned too basic and it was never intended for a TECH-ED audience. i believe that the speakers were also not prepared properly or many be not given proper direction on to what our audience will be expecting. Best example i can get for this would be the “Managing System center with Exchange” session which i attended. Session was for 1 hour and 15mints and i was really really surprised to see that the presenter was playing a video which is freely available to download on MS web site and not doing any live demonstrations. quality of sessions were extremely poor in most sessions and for a second i thought i should not attend and rather work on my pending work at office without wasting time at a boring session which carries no value. However on the last day there was a change in the sessions which none of us as participants knew about. I believe we live in an era where we have all quick access to email or else at least it would have been easier if it was announced that there’s a change in the sessions.

  3. Shiran says:

    I agree with the post and the 2 commets above. Yes, sessions were too basic. This would have been nice when there was no internet access as long time ago in Sri Lanka. (should note that there were good speakers too)

    I was thinking I should talk with MS guys before I come to TechEd, but unfortunately they tried to show off, not even found a smile all 3 days.
    What ever it is I must thank all who put their humble efforts to make this event somewhat success.

  4. Chandana says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get much chance to participate with more sessions. But Last day I managed to join one of “Application Development Framework” session. Surprisingly, speaker asked to avoid any technical questions. Humm…

    I understand that I cannot assess whole sessions by joining only one session. But as MVPs we got lot of negative comments about quality, preparation, etc.

    Even though, I have lot to write, I would like to finish it right now.
    Finally, I would like to thanks Wela and Danusha for their very best effort, but they deserve for much more support (what they didn’t get).

    “Ego trip: a journey to nowhere.”

  5. I was there for the second day and I really enjoyed Pinal Dave’s session. Community is getting lots of benefits out of these kind of events.

  6. Chamila says:

    Thanks.Fiqri.I’ll read that.

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