Feacbook search powered by live search

Posted: Friday, October 10, 2008 in Microsoft

Now from facebook you can search the other web content also. It means within FB you can do are search as you do with a normal window

Read more:- http://on10.net/blogs/sarahintampa/Live-Search-Now-In-Facebook/  

  1. dushi says:

    dush po te pyti qka po ban per letra a po mundesh me i ndreq a qka je tue ba kqyr me ndoj femen gjoje e mos rri pa lidhje gjithqka ban veq rregulloj letrat kryesorja po te thot halla se ti e din si i kem punt ne ket kosov te mbrapsht e din qfar familje kemi skrejt budall kan te prekish ma budall se tjetrin qeshtu asht se franqez e kam merzi me tu ba vallahi

  2. Jenny Kripke says:

    Wow, indeed great topic. Where will I find your RSS?

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  3. Viegebleaby says:

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  4. aruela says:

    u du qi ti vjeshi pasin dikujt

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