Posted: Friday, August 22, 2008 in Microsoft, MVP, Sri Lanka

Like 4-5 years ago when started. There was a guy answering to the posts by the alias of ms4pras. And also he started doing session on our user group,  soon he became to be a MVP and then leader of the Colombo .Net User group and then president of sri lanka .NET communities .. Yes that’s no other than our MVP Prasanna Amirthalingam.
Soon he will be migrating to Australia .it will be a big lost to our forum as well as user group.
Hope he will contribute to our forum from there, but any way we are going to miss him
I would like to thank him for what he has done to the sri lanken and even to the world .NET community.
Wish you all the best bro……

  1. saha says:

    congratulations to prassanna and his future. yep it is big lost to us. hope that he will contribute from aussy.. thnx for jinath 2 knowing abt this..

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