Dialog VS Tigo

Posted: Thursday, June 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today I got tigo mobile connection, and I temporally disconnected my dialog SIM

Main reason is, the package I have with dialog is super 500, so it monthly rental is 500RS with VAT  its somewhere around  720RS. So it’s just waste of 720RS. In tigo you don’t have to pay a monthly charge only 1000RS call commitment. For me it’s ok since I have around 2000RS call chargers per month with dialog call chargers.

Also with tigo it 3RS per minute for any network but dialog its 5RS DTND (in my case it’s 6 coz its not super 500 + )

also, I don’t know is this 100% true, but my friend told me that dialog calculate its 1min unit for 50 seconds..  

all in all I think its good to go for tigo

Here are the two packagers to you’ll to compare




Note:- this is not a tigo promotion. Just what I thought to shear with other people

  1. Chandana says:

    Is there any possiblity to get same number from tigo?

  2. jinath says:

    not same… but last 6 digits

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