Imagine Cup 2008 Sri Lnaka Finals

Posted: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 in Microsoft, MVP, Sri Lanka

Today is the day for Imagine Cup 2008 Sri Lanka Finals. 6 team are competing for this round. As far as I heard all the 6 team are good and innovative. So today we can see a tight contest

  1. Rukshan says:

    2nd Place is Not acceptable

  2. Wathsala says:

    Yes, im also disappointed with it

  3. jinath says:

    i can’t comment on that.. any way teamwork technology will get 2nd place team as interns .

  4. roshan says:

    I’m Socked……..who will you think to be in 1,2,3,4,5,6 places

  5. jinath says:

    hmmm…. i wasn’t there for the last two presentation can’t comment.. all the others were not up to their best i think ,could do lot better .. but i like the CarbonX app team the way did their presentation. EDUMS, it’s concept was good that’s why there are won 2nd place i think..

  6. roshan says:

    Are they(Carbonx) doing anything than marketing keyoto protocol and carbon trading. It is UN concept. If we take their system away and see. Carbon trading is already happening without many problems.
    EDUMS concept is good but didnt relate to the topic.dont you feel its just a plug in.

  7. jinath says:

    yes thats what i told all could do lot better… but in a competition we have to see relatively with others.

  8. Randima says:

    Most of the people here said that EDUMS is not good enough to be the 2nd place, and one of them said it is just a plugin………
    I am asking only one question??
    Is there any project (Except 1st place) had the quality to be the 2nd Place……….
    Another thing is that Our EDUMS is plugin yes…..its true. But it’s really powerful application.Since its a plugin noone want to migrate to a fully new system.Because its not Practicable…
    —-CarbonX—-> Yes its also good prduct but what happen when Sri Lanka produce Carbon to its limit. Then the product might not be useful…

    Team Leader
    (SLIIT-Imagine Cup-2008)

  9. sandrar says:

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