30-Day Veg Pledge

Posted: Monday, June 11, 2007 in Personal

From the small days I’m not eating beef, and about 3 months ago I stopped eating red meat.

After reading articles, watching videos and getting advices from friends I thought of giving a try to be a vegetarian. So as the first step I’m gonna try it for 1 month. Visited www.goveg.com and got valuable information abut been a vegetarian and why should be a vegetarian.. so from tomorrow I am trying to be a veg for 30 days, and if there isn’t any difficulty I will be a vegetarian.

Apart from this, after lots of arguments, readings and thinking, what I think is, if you are real Buddhist you have to be a vegetarian..


I know there are some guys becoming a veg only in flights , and if the menu is not good.. Soon be coming non-veg and create hard time for air hostess .. he he

  1. Mahasen says:

    Wish you all the best!!
    If I could do that – so could you.
    I’ve been veg for 3+ years now

  2. jinath says:

    Tx for the comment ,Mahasen

  3. jinath says:

    tx ach … i will try
    so u have been a veg from age 9 ..WOW

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