Generic FindAll method

Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 in, MVP

In our current project I came up with a situation where in needed to filter some values in a generic List. So I used generic’s FindAll method. Its very powerful way to find elements that we want in a generic collection. and it’s use a Predicate to do all the filtering part  . Here is an example of to use the FindAll method. I think is will be useful to the people who work with generic collections . using this you don’t need to use a foreach loop

Let’s assume we have a generic list of USER Object, and USER object has properties call FullName (string), Age(int) And isActive(bool) . So let’s think we get list (LIST<t>) of user objects from a method call GetAllUsers, so our code  will be like

 List<User> ListUsers = GetAllUsers();

Ok now we want List of users that are only active. So to this where we can use the   FindAll method

List< User > ListActiveUSers = ListUsers.FindAll(ActiveUsersOnly);

Predicate<User> ActiveUsersOnly = delegate(User user)
        return user.isActive == true;

Here we call the FindAll method for the ListUsers’s List, it take a Predicate as the parameter. So in the Predicate deligate what we have to do is create a user object and check of the condition we want pass. So here it will check with each element of our old list and the elements that match will save in a return list.

This is a real performance booster and time saver

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