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Posted: Saturday, March 10, 2007 in Microsoft, MVP, Personal

Yesterday I sold my Acer laptop. After using it for bit more than 1 year. Today I really missed it (her)  .… I used to spend most of my time with it, if I were at home. So came for an internet café to check my emails, answer to the .net forum , blog and chat ..
So tomorrow morning we are leaving the country for 1 week to attend  the MVP Global summit 2007 in Seattle, there’s a 14hr transit in Singapore so planning to do some shopping
Our summit starts on 13th and Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corporation will give the keynote … and next 2 days there will be deep technical sessions on our competency areas, with latest Microsoft technical details.
Some sessions will be in Washington State Convention & Trade Center (WSCTC) and some will be in Microsoft Conference Center plus Microsoft Redmond Campus
All the SL MVPs going to stay at Sheraton Seattle Hotel .
the summits ends on 15th….
As soon as I go there have to buy a laptop … then I won’t be gloomy,like when living without a laptop.

  1. jinath says:

    tx 🙂
    from singapore airport..

  2. Mahasen says:

    Oops, saw the post late. I’ve been in Seattle, the cheapest way to buy a laptop is order online and get it delivered. There was a price difference of about $100 for a ~$900 HP Core 2 Duo 1.86, 1GB, DVD RW, 80GB etc. etc. back then

  3. jinath says:

    thanks..we tried this way but had a prob ..coz they get only US credit cards 😦 .but today we found few cool low price plz.so tomorrow we gonna look for more

  4. Charith says:

    How did you find the femininity of your ex-laptop 🙂

    Make sure that its a Female Laptop too, when you but the new one.

    Safe Journey! Waiting for Chocolates…!

  5. jinath says:

    that why they call laptops 🙂

  6. HelloWorld says:

    Peace people
    We love you

  7. HelloWorld says:

    Peace people

    We love you

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