Posted: Saturday, February 24, 2007 in, Sri Lanka

Well in past few days my technorati profile indicted that my posts in my blog has been syndicated in another site as well..
and it showed  the site as … Well  not only mines but and all of the MVPs blogs and other geek blogs were there

some guy call Yo (do I know him ) and  few of his friends  has made this site and  its primary purpose is to combine Sri Lankan geek community blogs in to 1 place .. like our indi doing with for SL related stuff…
good idea … hope this site will have more syndications form rest of SL geek blogs …if you have a geek blog send the details to them and they will add it to the GeekLanka’s blog syndicator.
only thing is, it’s better that MR.yo informed us about this before.

  1. Yo says:

    Hi Jinath

    Firstly, sorry about not informing you, actually the site is not 100% launched yet, just in test phase still! But if you want me to remove your blog from the syndicator, I can. Sorry if I did anything against your wishes.

    To be honest, the blog syndicator is not the primary purpose of GeekLanka. The main target is to get the GeekLanka Forum going. We want the Forum to be a place where all Sri Lankan geeks can get together and discuss and share knowledge. I think it would be a nice place for a Java student to ask a question from a Java expert, for example. Or for older people to discuss career options with young geeks. Or for geeks to buy and sell their used computer parts and stuff. Or for employers to post job vacancies. Or for geeks to fight over Microsoft vs Linux. 😉 A lot can be done for Sri Lankan geekdom if we can all communicate in one place.

    In the next few weeks we are going to be offering prizes for random selected forum users, like a brand-new mobile phone etc. Look out for that, it’ll be fun!

    I hope all of you guys can join the forum and get involved in making GeekLanka a success. If you have any ideas on how we can improve it even further, I would love to hear that!

    Best wishes

  2. jinath says:

    Its ok keep my blog, and if you people think it’s ok to show personal things, then I don’t have a problem in that also. as a ASP.NET MVP my area is to look after our and its ASP.NET stuff. but sure I can spend my extra time for the geeklanka forum in future …..
    keep up the good work …..

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