Visual studio 2005 bug

Posted: Friday, February 23, 2007 in, Microsoft

Well.. we started our new project last week .. and guys were coding happily ..but yesterday Maduranga screamed ..”Guys after getting the latest files from visual source safe, scroll bars are missing in Visual studio aspx design mode.. very funny…
we checked the master page if the error was in there and also our  3rd party controls. but didn’t succeed  ..  Then we assumed the culprit may be our graphic design guy Henry (Hiran) .. yes he was the person who has cause the error but its not his fault .. it’s a bug in VS 2005 ..

When you put style=”overflow-x:hidden” to the body tag to disable IE horizontal scroll bars then it will also disable the VS scroll bars in design mode J

So the solution was to put the script inside a style tag as a html style

style type=”text/css”>

But use this inside the page itself only, if you applied this to a style sheet and try to link to a master page, again VS will come with out scroll bars..
I logged this issue in VS forums …   


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