Back in Colombo

Posted: Monday, February 5, 2007 in Personal

Well what a week it was…… and what a nice and organize country it is …
from – 3C cold and white Sweden to +30C, hot, sunny, brownish Sri Lanka

Even only for 1 week I felt the heat in Colombo as soon as we landed.. And the sun scorching on top…sweat after 7 days.
But all these things are insignificant when you feel you back in home.. Back with your family, friends and relatives.

After our flight landed there was a flight from Rome schedule to be landed. In arrivals section I saw lots of young women with their kids and old parents waiting till there husband or son to come out …..
All these guys left their love ones, because of making their life batter and make a good future to their kids..This is same with women going to middle-east, same with people who migrating to Australia after getting PR . same with  people looking for go to Canada, also same reason why we here people dying inside boats after trying to illegally migrate, and this is the same reason why students going  to other countries for studying and settle thereafter  .

Why sri lanken’s cant live blissfully with their love ones in sri lanka? Like the people in other nations. Why we always looking for other counties .

Is it all about money? Or is it a curse of been born in 3rd a world county ? Or is it the war? Or because they can’t satisfy from what they got ?

But will I satisfy from what i got? Will you satisfy from what you got ?

This is the WHY (reason ) we can’t understand  and that’s why we are human

  1. friend says:

    May be it because all are after rat race and no one ever waits to experience the beauty and the magic of real living of life. But one thing i know no one waits for anyone.

  2. razor says:

    its because this country is ruled by 107 donkeys now.

  3. hansini says:

    really???? u r sweating now?????????? ahhhh then u can be a human!!!! hope u enjoyed the tour.

  4. Mahasen says:

    Or perhaps we are all pursuing a mirage that doesn’t exist. We believe so much that it exists we are willing to sacrifice the company of our loved ones and the life as we know.
    Haven’t you noticed even in the so called developed countries, no one is satisfied? I felt that while I was in the US. Neither the money nor the quality of life as we aspire that makes any of them satisfied.
    Perhaps we are searching for the the satisfaction in wrong places. How many of us look within?
    Welcome back!

  5. jinath says:

    yes mahasen ,
    we are searching the satisfaction in wrong places …
    some people without knowing it, they search. but the sad thing is, some people knowing it they search it in the wrong places.

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