MVP for 3rd time

Posted: Tuesday, January 2, 2007 in, Microsoft, MVP, Personal

Today I received the email from Microsoft saying that I have been selected as a MVP for 2007 in Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET category .this is the 3rd year I have been selected as a MVP.
Also manoj(manzi) , Wellington(wela) and Dinesh  has been selected with 2 new guys, they are
Ahmed Fiqri Ismail (Windows – Mobile Devices) and Shaminda Illangantilaka (Windows Server System – SMS) congratulations to them .
Hmmm an eventful year to come – MVP global summit In USA ( if US embassy approves visa  only ) ,MVP Asia summit  , tech-ed and many more ..
And I hope our and CDNUG will have more activities this year .
Also I would like to thank Microsoft , SL Microsoft, SL MVPs , our user group (CDNUG)  and my work place teamwork technology for helping me past few years.

  1. Pasan says:

    Congratulations Jinath for becoming MVP for the 3rd time and wish you all the best for the upcoming years.

  2. Michael Sync says:

    Great!! I also wanna be MVP..

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