Buduras from Buddha statues (special ray from Buddha statues)

Posted: Thursday, August 3, 2006 in Sri Lanka

Last few days most of the sri lankans were gathered to temples to see the special ray emitting from Buddha statues. It started from Galle and by yesterday most of the people told that they can see this in all most every colored Buddha statues in temples, and it is said it can be seen in between Buddhas body and the Buddhas sivura (the cloth which Buddha and monks wear).
I also went to see in 2 temples yes its true, But its not buduras (special ray from Buddha statues) its simply a optical illusion
In colored Buddha statues the body color is light yellow and the color of the sivura (the cloth which Buddha and monks wear) is dark orange so if you look at this for some time you can see a green ray coming and going from that place. This is an optical illusion, see the below image and try it your self

There were reports that in some white colored statues also had this, what that will be ?


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