Deep Dive went well

Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2006 in MVP

Well yesterday our event went well, this was the first time we had an INETA speaker for out user group event. Yes Dr Nitin did a cool presentation about MS office .also our Prasanna and Wela did their presentations well
First of all big thanks must go out to
INETA (Shesham Patil, Sin Min Lee, Vinod Kumar) , Dr Nitin Paranjape, Sri lanka, Microsoft (mainly for Alan) , also to our MVP lead Howard who flew all the way down to Colombo from Singapore .
Hay! SL MVPs Wela, Prasanna, Merill, Dinash and ruwan Well Done Pals!!
Manzi we missed you..
Most of the feedback we got about the event was cool, since this was the first event we organize apart from our UG meetings.
After the event we (some of SL MVPs, alan and Howard) went to the Waters Edge for dinner and it was fun. So what’s next ??????????, keep counting
In the last slide, of Dr.Nitins presentation it had a nice verdict, it read

When you dive deeper, SKY is the limit!

Enjoy the pics


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