Busy weekend ahead

Posted: Friday, December 2, 2005 in Personal

Well starting from today this weekend will be a busy and challenging one form me. Challenging means our SpeedDS Fiesta Pro-Cart Race event organized by D.S. Senanayake collage Old Boys Association 1998 batch will be held tomorrow in Colombo as full day event. This going to rock with already more than 100 participants is registered. And we will have a display of modified vehicles and a display of Formula 1 Cars. So from tonight we are going to close the Independence square aria, and start preparations for the event. A sleepless night.
Then from today onwards I will have to be in MVP/.NET booth in eCarnival. a IT exhibition Organized by the Computer Society of Sri Lanka, it is scheduled for the 2nd to 4th of December 2005 at the BMICH.
Well luckily both events are close by. SpeedDS Fiesta will be the main challenge because we are organizing it and if succeed we are hoping to do it annually.


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