Kottu.org kicks out .NET bloggers

Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 in Microsoft

Merill bloged about Kottu Blog Drive on his blog asking to join to the local blogosphere
Happily we (MVPs) joined to Kottu.org . weeks later I suddenly found some of our guys blogs are missing in Kottu.org (me, manzi, prasanna) .
So I email to MR. Indi Samarajiva
jinath wrote:my blog not listed in the blogroll nowwhat has happen

And this was his reply by MR. Indi Samarajiva
as per the about page, Kottu tries to syndicate original content about Sri Lanka.A few sites produced a lot of .NET news and Visual Basic releases and stuff which, while fully worth blogging about, aren’t of that much interest the general Sri Lankan killing time at work.If you have a Sri Lanka category feed like Merrill that’d be ideal, but barring that there’s too much niche tech content.The .NET community is really vibrant and I don’t want to discourage it in anyway. I’ll keep an eye on our blog

So sri lanken .net bloggers dont have a opportunity to get into the Kottuorg . as a .net blogger I like to see all my posts in kottu.org why only Sri Lankan categories.
Apart from technical things we blog about sri lankan .NET user group things and .net events also.
The finals decision is with the Kottu.org admin, but to take out our blogs without telling us is not a professional approach .
Any way I hope that .NET bloggers Will be able join to Kottu.org someday.


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