Teamwork Facility Management System

Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2005 in Uncategorized

We released our (Teamwork Technologys) 2nd version of FM (facility management) system. As I bloged in version 1 ,technically this has very cool features.
1. Fully dynamic UI creation depending on user or admin preferences
2. Multilanguage user can swap languages without logout and without session abandoning.
3. Because its a 3 tier app, developer can change the type of BD as he wish and only change some of DB classes.
4. Email support based on user language.
5. PDA, mobile support.
Well I will try to push our management to migrate this system to 2, as soon as its( final release is available. Because ASP.NET 2 it fully backward compatible, we can easily migrate and also can take the advantage of new cool things in ASP.NET 2.


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