Went to south coast of Sri lanka with medication

Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2004 in Uncategorized

TV announced there is shortage in medication for effected arias, so I bought
Antibiotics ,pain killers and other needed drugs, and went to south cost with my family and friends.
Well there are no words to say the epidemic, homes gone away, peopled looking for left item in some homes, and the sad thing is still people looking there loved once in debris.
The houses not damaged that much I saw notices saying .please give us drinking water , please give us food this because most of the aid going to refugee centers, and not that many to isolated homes .but I saw people giving them some water and food when Iam coming back. There is a huge traffic jam over there now, because lot of people going to give aid and looking the disaster.
monk in sri lanka Ven KIRIBATHGODA GNANANANDA thero is organizing a fund to build houses for survivors, I think that also important , we have to think long term and support them for months for years.
I decided to give the money I have collected for my BCS exam for this and for aids, and postpone my exam if I couldnt save money by that time, Im writing this not because of any thing else , I came into this decision by reading a similar article in a newspaper , so I hope some one will also do the same by reading this. And we have to consult them with psychologically also, to over come this.
end of the day humanity will be suffice to over come this.


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